AF2/Equivalent Exam?


Unfortunately, I was a bit late to the party and missed the CII AF2 exam (business planning) before they withdrew it. However, after reading the content it seems really interesting and something I would have liked to have completed. As far as I am aware, there are no plans to reinstate it, so does anyone know of any qualifications/exams that are broadly similar? I have had a look at the CISI qualification/exam framework but can't seem to find anything.

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  • SA96SA96 Member

    Not really. The majority of business financial planning is normally left to accountants and that's why I think the demand for AF2 was so low. What didn't help AF2 was that it was such a difficult exam, lots of people chose the easier coursework routes.

    As somebody who has sat and passed AF2, I would recommend just reading up on business protection as that's the most a financial planner would get involved with. AF2's study book had a lot of information about entity types and capital financing. That is usually reserved for the accountant, so it is not an area a financial planner would get involved with.

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