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I'm on the CISI paraplanning forum that's very well chaired by @DanAtkinsonUK and there's a free 30 min webinar on 7 December for those who want to find out more about how to achieve CFP and/or Chartered status. Find out more here

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  • Morning - just watched the webcast for this.

    What does anyone think about the benefits of paraplanners achieving the level 7 case study with CISI, over just having the Cii Chartered/Fellow status?

  • Chartered Fellow (Financial Planning) does not sound as prestigious as Chartered Financial Planner.

  • Ha, if it sounded fancier it would be worth it?

  • @Sam_T said:
    Ha, if it sounded fancier it would be worth it?

    I just think the title Chartered Financial Planner is more respected. It's the same with the LIBF, the term 'Chartered ALIBF' does not sound as respectable as 'Chartered Financial Planner'.

    I've had a look at the CISI level 6 paper and it's ridiculously easy. No wonder the pass rate is so high!

  • Forget the title; consider the benefit.
    Exams test knowledge at a certain point in time.
    The CFP Case Study assesses our ability to make use of that knowledge in a challenging client scenario.
    The combination of both gives (in my view) a formidable pedigree in terms of promotion of you / your business or you to current / prospective employers.
    Employers who have also undertaken both will appreciate the skill and hard work involved in achieving both Chartered FP and CFP.
    Make no mistake, CFP is tough. As someone who sued to assess (when IFP was in existence) many tried and many failed - usually because they failed to grasp the requirements of the assessment or their knowledge was woefully inadequate.
    To my mind both qualifications go hand in hand (not compete) and for serious Paraplanners I would say attaining both is the 'Gold' standard to be aiming for.

  • Thanks for you input Richard - I am taking a look at it, but hit the first hurdle arguing with the exams team over proof of existing Cii qualifications, apparently they don't understand that a paraplanner won't have an SPS (doh).

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    Hi @Sam_T

    I asked a CISI internal panel member to have a look at this...

    It sounds like the member is needing to demonstrate that they have the level 4 qualification and therefore meet the entry requirement. The best way to do this is by requesting a learning statement.

    As you know, they come over by email after a few hours and this states the units that the member has passed as well as their completed qualifications.

    A couple of members from the Paraplanning forum I’ve checked with didn’t have any issues when they did this, although one of them has been a member for a while and had already applied for exemptions to do the Certificate in Paraplanning.

    I would suggest that this person confirms that they have the required level 4 qualification and states which one they have. The exams team will be able to match this across to the document.

    If you continue to struggle, please direct message me on here and we can get you sorted.

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • Cheers Ben - I have sent them my full learning statement and Chartered Certificate but they keep sending back this:

    'I can see that you hold the CII Diploma in Financial Planning, however, this qualification is not fully RDR compliant and needs to be combined with appropriate gap-fill. As such we will require written confirmation from the CII to [email protected] confirming that you hold a fully RDR compliant qualification for the specialist areas of Advising on Retail Investment Products and Friendly Society Tax-Exempt Policies (FCA Activities 4 & 6)'

    They want the Cii to email them directly - seems a right faff and not the best way to onboard new members!

  • Hi all

    Having successfully been through it I would echo @richardgough's comments that CFP assesses something different to Chartered. My quals via PFS gave me great technical knowledge. The CFP was more about bringing the knowledge together and applying it through financial planning. A really tough, but worthwhile exercise. The combination of Chartered and CFP is a winner for me.

    @Sam_T I think it's me that CISI referred to. I feel your frustration and they will be looking to see that your gapfill has been done to have the RDR Level 4 qual (the J0 route requires gapfill but the R0 doesn't) as that is the entry requirement for the L6 exam element. It is a faff, but they need to be able to confirm that you met the gapfill requirement with the accredited body as per 4.1.1a ( An email from CII may be a faff, but not sure if gapfill completed is shown on the website. I'm not an expert on this side of things, but CII should be able to help you work out re the gapfill side of things. Hope you soon get to the other side of this as the CFP is a really rewarding qualification.

    Hope this helps. Will try to hang out on here a bit more, but feel free to DM me or track me down by email.


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