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  • Thanks for this, everyone Forgive me for being indulgent but this is quite cathartic so I'll keep it going. Just a couple of points. I'm thinking about taking this job because of: a) the salary b) it has a 10% non contributory pension …
    in Salary Comment by petorb May 30
  • yeah working full time but tbh I've (sometimes) prioritised study over my actual job so don't copy me! Expert Pensions was the best site I found but expensive, Brand are good (check out free sample) and Wizard Learning tests also good. I liked doing…
  • From starting from** complete** scratch I have the Diploma, equity release, care, 2/3 paraplanner essays (hopefully passed anyway!) and AF8. I changed my career in Jan 2020 and worked pretty hard on passing the exams, quickly, I thought So it'…
  • benjaminfabi you are a sage! I will (most probably) take your advice. Thanks very much
    in Salary Comment by petorb May 16
  • Thanks guys - really appreciated.
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  • I can email you my AF8 PDF no dramas - it's crap though won't really help you - I don't think I looked at it and passed the essays (scraped!) within 4 months.