McCloud Remedy - What to contribute?

How is everyone approaching contribution cases with clients who are part of the McCloud Remedy?

We have a client who wants to contribute into a SIPP and I am unsure on what amount to recommend. They have carry-forward available, but the McCloud remedy could alter the pension input amounts we have from the DB scheme.

I believe the revised statements are out in October 2024, but that would be too late for our client who is retiring in April.

I am worried that if we recommend a contribution now and the remedy leads to their previous pension input amounts increasing, then we could inadvertently trigger a AA charge.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?


  • RalfosRalfos Member

    Make an estimate based on previous PIA on the AAPSS is the best I believe you can do

  • Over the weekend a client obtained an online statement to Friday. It shows the effect of the McCloud remedy effect as the split between the two sections is radically different.

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