Client portals - Cashcalc v Intelliflo which is best?

Hi all

We use Intelliflo as our back office system and Cashcalc as one of our cashflow systems (the other one is FinCalc).

We have previously tried using the Intelliflo Client Portal however none of the advisers particularly liked it and it was only really used to send secure messages and documents rather than using it to collect client data such as fact finds so it has fallen by the wayside.

I tried using the Cashcalc portal yesterday as a way of testing both the Cashcalc fact find and the link to Intelliflo and found it to be far better. Even linking the information back to I/O was pretty painless and much quicker than trying to fill in the Intelliflo Fact Find manually.

As a result we are now looking at using the Cashcalc portal as part of our client onboarding process.

Does anyone else do this and are there any drawbacks we should be aware of or top tips that you can share? The obvious one for me would be that Cashcalc wouldn't have live valuations but to be honest we aren't really planning to focus on this as the platforms we use tend to have their own client facing apps or websites.




  • Hi Peter,

    We switched to the Cashcalc fact find over a year ago. Clients seem to really like it and are happy to log on and fill in the information themselves. You can then create a cashflow forecast based on the fact find info.

    Just asked for feedback from our admin and she says it is so much better. Runs smoothly and is so much simpler for everyone to use. No complaints and she can't think of a single drawback.

    Planners, admin, clients and me all hated the IO fact find.


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