Conquest Financial Planning (new AI financial planning tool)

New AI financial planning tool available via Fidelity that started off in Canada.

Seems to be a semi automated cashflow system powered by AI that produces some really good looking outputs.

Does anyone have any experience with this and if so what are your thoughts?

Should we be looking over our shoulders as I can see this as getting marketed as a paraplanner replacement?


  • Hi Peter,

    I wouldn't worry about the potential impact on Paraplanners.

    From experience, clients are happy to pay for a service if they can see the value provided.

    Financial advisers are happy for the Paraplanner to do the background work as it allows them the time to work with more clients.
  • I might be worried if it could write suitability reports but it does not seem to have that functionality, yet!

    Based on my experience with advisers using new technology I suspect it's more likely that paraplanners would still be inputting the information and creating plans for the advisers to then present.

  • Rob T took me through it (exParaplanner who used to work for i4C) recently and I think it looks really promising. The AI essentially trys permutations based on the prioritisations that you set. As the OP points out the outputs and presentation options are really good. They have been working on the integrations side of things too.
    I haven't done full DD on it, but feels like a 'one to watch'

    Dan Atkinson FPFS CFP APP Chartered FCSI
    Chartered Financial Planner
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    Head of Technical at Paradigm Norton

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