Client information and Data Protection

I have a client to whom I sent an email, confirming to them that I have uploaded a report, illustration, Selectapension report, etc etc to OneDrive. I do this as it is a much more secure way of sharing information this way instead of attaching the documents to an email.

Not five minutes later an email comes through from the secretary, thanking me, and attaching the report for the adviser...

I sent a facepalm emoji by return, but the question is, is there anything I need to be careful of with them doing this? I'm doing my best to keep the information safe, but I get the impression that they don't seem at all bothered by it.


  • You are doing your part Andy, I think you need to have a quiet word with them about this.

    I am sure they will be welcoming of you pointing out the pitfalls of attaching documents to emails.

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