What is your paraplanner salary?

I earn £29,000 and have been a paraplanner for 3 years. I have level 4 diploma. I’m just interested what other people earn and to see if I am being underpaid.


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    I earn £28,000 and have been a paraplanner for 5/6 years. I also have a level 4 diploma and also have the level 6 CISI exam. I feel underpaid, but would be curious to see what others earn/think.

  • Tom_NTom_N Member

    I earn £27,500, 6 months in the role/industry after a career change. I am Level 4 Diploma qualified and 2 exams into Advanced with CII. Not in London if that helps as it may muddy the waters a bit.

  • You can get a good feel for this via recruitment agents websites and job adverts.

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    £35k, diploma qualified with 4+ years and s couple of Advanced exams.

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    I’m one level below trainee Paraplanner - I’m advanced administrator and get £29k

    Our Paraplanners get £45k if they have a few years experience. I think it’s £50k with 5 years experience.

    I only had a little bit of experience at an IFA, but that was years ago and I decided to get back in.

    I have just the Diploma.

    This is in West Sussex.
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    I think this is a difficult one to be honest. There are so many different variations in roles and what firms see as Paraplanners that its a difficult to one to judge, without knowing what you do at that firm I suppose. Location will also play a big part. There is a national survey carried out by BWD and you can download a copy by adding your details via this link https://www.bwd-search.co.uk/resources/bwd-2022-salary-survey
    I have no affiliation with the above link, just know they provide this and will give you a good indicator as to where you sit on the scale.
    However, my own two pennies worth are that some of the above salaries seem very low for what I would call a full Paraplanner. We have taken on a trainee paraplanner and pay £28,000 whilst also taking them through their diploma and advanced diploma exams (Bristol based). Example being the first and second poster....if I had been paraplanning for 5 years, diploma qualified and part advanced qualified I would certainly be having discussions with my employer. £28-29K seems a lot lower than the average I would say. Minimum £35K probably even more in our neck of the woods (most offer between £35K and £45K in Bristol) but as someone mentioned above, have a look at recruiter search engines in your area and you will get a good indication of what your peers are earning.
    I would also add that its not just base salary but the whole package of benefits that needs consideration, not just salary in isolation.
    I would rather not add my salary on this forum to be honest and I'm a little different in that I manage a small paraplanning team, as well as some paraplanning and also heavily involved in firm level decisions/building CIP etc etc so probably a little unfair to compare.
    If you feel you are undervalued, make sure you go armed with evidence as to why and have a conversation with your employer would be my advice.

  • I spoke to our head of operations today and they said they really need at least 3 more experienced Paraplanners.

    Salary would be at least £40k.

    So if any of you live in West Sussex, feel free to send me a PM
    and I’ll get you an interview.
  • SA96SA96 Member

    Chartered with 4 years of Paraplanning experience.

    The salary is £50,000, London-based though, but I am able to work from home 3 days a week.

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