CII Chartered Status - 5 years sector experience clarification please?


Just wondering if anyone has any further information on the 5 years experience required and what evidence etc. is needed.

I'll have been full time employed in Financial Services for 5 years total in November this year (across admin/Paraplanner/trainee IFA roles so far) and hopefully will have completed the Advanced Diploma by then too.

I was hoping someone could please shed some light on what is counted as experience and what the process for applying for a chartered title looks like.

Many Thanks
Dale :)


  • SA96SA96 Member
    Hi Dale,

    Below is from the CII's Chartered application form.

    Five years professional experience must include at least three years employed full-time in the industry. For the purposes of this application, employment can include self-employment or working on a consultancy, contractual or voluntary basis provided the employment is full-time and is in the industry relevant to the Chartered title for which the person is applying. Professional experience for the remaining two years can include being a full time student where the primary focus of the study relates to the Chartered title for which the applicant wishes to apply.

    Once you qualify, just give them a call and tell them you want to apply for Chartered status. They will then ask you to confirm you meet the experience requirements. Once you do this, your records will be updated.
  • @SA96 Thank you for the reply, much appreciated :smile:

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