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After an extremely difficult year from a personal perspective, I'm now at the stage of looking at R06. R01-R05 have been passed and as is well documented R06 is a very different exam.

I'm just looking for some guidance as to how to approach my study between now and when the new dates for this exam year are released. I understand that they'll be two case studies released prior to the exam, I also understand that BrandFT, Next Gen Planners, BTS amongst a few provide some supportive analysis for the case studies.

My question(s) - albeit going the long way around it, ******is how have you guys studied for this exam****? Is it a case of going through the study texts again (I hope not) and brushing up on all subject matters? I have done mind maps for the last two exams (R02 & R04) as an overview of each subject matter that may help me but I'm eager 1) to pass this first time but 2) draw on some of the more experienced members knowledge.

I'm a relative newbie into the industry (2.5 years). I know I've learnt a lot but at the same time I feel I've studied to pass those exams as opposed to retain the information. Hard to retain it all (which I know is perfectly normal) but the thought of going through my study texts again is perhaps one of the most depressing things I can think of :D :D :D

Be grateful for some guidance but understand if I'm hit with radio silence.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    I sat the R06 exam earlier this week so perhaps take my words with a pinch of salt as I haven't gotten the results back yet!

    I bought the case study analysis from BTS which I thought was very helpful and walked me through the case studies in a lot of detail and pointed towards the technical areas they thought would come out in the exam, and their educated guesses were pretty on the money in my opinion, no really nasty surprises in the exam other than the pesky marriage allowance.

    Like you say reading all of the study texts doesn't seem like an effective way to prepare but each to their own, I read through the R06 textbook and then once the case studies were released, trusted BTS to provide the technical areas, which I then revisited in the previous R0 books to refresh my memory. I felt this worked for me and left the exam feeling reasonably happy.

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    Your best bet for R06 is first of all to really get to grips with the case study. Imagine they're real clients and get to know them as well as possible. Notice anything that stands out. If there's explicit mention of the clients wanting to pass on as much of their wealth as possible, you can be fairly sure you're going to get a question on estate planning.

    Purchase a case study analysis, and memorise as much of it as you can. They are very good. Exam answers are mainly bullet points and there are a number of questions that will come up time and again. So essentially they are stock answers.

    If there is anything that you've picked out from the case study that you're weak on, maybe spend a bit of time giving yourself a refresher. But again, the case study analysis has likely covered it quite well. There might be a curveball in the exam that you're not expecting, but if you've done a good job on the rest of the exam it likely won't knock you off course too much. I personally never read the R06 textbook, I'm not sure there is much to be gained from it. That said, I think there are some case study questions, which are worth doing.

    Do past papers, lots of them. Don't worry if you get a lot wrong. You stand a much better chance of remembering things by making mistakes and learning from them. This is probably the best use of your time before the case study is available. The case study analysis will probably also have some test questions and these are really important IMO.

    As for the exam, write as much as you can. There is no negative marking, so anything you can think of might get you a mark. If there are 8 marks available, at least 8 bullet points.

    For me, this exam is more about technique than it is about knowledge. You've got through the others, so I think you'll be just fine. Honestly, I think it's a simpler exam than 1-5.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Guys. It’s much appreciated. Really helpful
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