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We are perhaps thinking about 'possibly' taking someone on as a new paraplanner. We are a small firm and have never really had a 'formal' process for this. We have been discussing various tests we can put in place and I am sure I saw a thread on this quite some time ago. Does anyone have any tips/ideas or even material they could share to steer me in the right direction.




  • I'd be interested in this as well - I need to do some sums but I might be better off hiring someone than paying a freelancer and something like this would be useful as although both directors speak to applicants (she's a much better judge of character than I!!) an assessment to determine the level of knowledge would be extremely useful

  • We give them some technical questions, to assess basic understanding of key areas and also ask them to write about a specified topic to assess their ability to write coherently! That doesn't have to be financial planning related, however one topic I like it asking them is to describe what they think the role of a paraplanner entails.

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    When we last recruited a few years ago, we put together the attached list of questions, which you may find useful.

    I should say that not all of them are obvious and might raise other questions (e.g. the IHT one toward the end, given RNRB) but it was also to gain an understanding of where an applicant's knowledge was, where they might need more support and their ability to read between the lines of a question.

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    Useful thanks all

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