R06 before R01?

Hi everyone,

Some advice please!

I've completed R03 R04 & R05. Currently studying R02, plan to sit that end of June. Goal is to complete the diploma ASAP.

Having had a look at the exam dates for R06 the last one for 2021 appears to be 21st September with results released 29th October.

My thinking is that if I were to sit R06 in September before studying R01, then while I wait for R06 to be marked I can get on with R01, also the new years material for R01 is September I believe so I think that this works out well.

Anyone have any other suggestions or comments on whether they think sitting R06 before R01 is a good idea?

Thank you in advance.


  • SA96SA96 Member

    Absolutely fine, a lot of people do the same.

    R02, R03, R04 & R05 are the exams that really matter, as they provide you with the technical knowledge.

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