R06 February 2021

Is anyone taking the February R06 exam?


  • GFunGFun Member
    I am indeed. Getting my first look at the case studies today. Cant decide if I'm excited about that or not!
  • Same. Catch up if a few days and swap ideas if that helps? I haven’t done this exam before so i am not sure of the best approach for it.
  • GayleGayle Member

    We have published our full analysis of both case studies today if you are looking for any extra support https://expertpensions.co.uk/product/r06-financial-planning-practice-case-study-analysis/

    Good news is that the case studies look OK and nothing as far as we can see that is designed to catch anyone out :)

    Best of luck.

  • Hi, I wasn’t going to purchase any and just go from past exams (frequently themed questions etc..) and review the case specific areas such as ETFs etc...

    Or is that a terrible idea and the study materials are essential ?

    I’d be more than happy to discuss ideas and anything I Think I’ve identified as a common testing areas.
  • AdminAdmin Administrator

    Hi everyone

    Here's a reminder of the position on sharing paid for material through this forum - https://thebigtent.paraplannersassembly.co.uk/discussion/822/paid-for-licensed-material#latest

    Many thanks

  • Hello everyone!

    I’ve just registered for this. Are there any discussion groups happening? How is everyone finding it?
  • BradMBradM Member
    edited February 3

    anyone use remote testing through PSI?

  • AdminAdmin Administrator

    Hi everyone

    We've updated our position on offers to share paid for and licensed materials in the Big Tent. We've updated it here but thought we'd share here too...

    Paraplanners are a caring, sharing bunch and that's a good thing. Occasionally we see discussions about sharing paid for exam preparation materials in this forum. If you’ve paid for support material, it’s very likely you’ve agreed to terms and conditions that prohibit sharing.

    While the motivation is undoubtedly generous, sharing can affect the businesses that produce these materials and, if persistent and widespread, will undermine their sustainability.

    We want to support the businesses that help paraplanners, especially in this important field, which is why we will immediately delete any post that talks about sharing materials. We'd encourage you to check the terms you've agreed to before making any offers.

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