Changing careers within financial services

Hi all,

I am looking at changing roles and becoming a paraplanner.

I have been working in client facing roles for the last 11 years with a major high street bank. But unfortunately I was made redundant at the beginning of November.

My most recent role was “financial planning manager” offering advice to clients on a restricted range of products.

I am (almost) level 4 qualified - R06 result expected on 20th November!

I ended up in the advisor position through progression and taking opportunities that were available through the company I worked for. I started as a cashier, then personal banker, then relationship manager (where I began studying for the R0 exams) and then financial planning manager. It was never my long term ambition to be an advisor, I just had a very good reputation, and was given opportunities to study and progress.

Redundancy has given me the space and time to reflect on my skills, interests, personality and consider the aspects of my work that I most enjoyed.

I find the technical side of the role much more interesting. I really enjoyed writing reports and solving problems to find a solution that matched the client’s objectives. I think this work suits my personality type and I think I would enjoy a career in paraplanning in its own right.

The problem that I think I will face is that I have never worked in an IFA firm, or in a paraplanning role, and the advice I have been giving has been restricted. I would need some training and support, but I think I could add a lot of value and I would bring a unique perspective to the role having been on the client facing side for many years.

I would appreciate any advice on how to approach this move.

Also with time on my hands I am considering studying another qualification. Is J09 (paraplanning) worth it? Or would I be better starting a level 6 qualification, and if so which one?

Many thanks in advance 🙂


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