Trying secure first paraplanning/administrative role after leaving the British Army.

Hello everyone,

Very new here, in fact it's going to be my first post! I have just left the military after six years service, and I am now following a dream to enter the world of finance and especially the field of paraplanning. I have gained a level 4 diploma in financial planning, and several other courses to show aptitude and a serious will to pursue this career.

That being said, I am having a problem. All these roles I am applying for are requiring experience of ATLEAST a year, which is resulting in a lot of dead end job applications. Does anyone kindly have any advice on how I can break into the industry?

All the best, and looking forward to hearing from you all soon.



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    Hello buddy,

    Your best option is find someone who is willing to take on a Trainee Paraplanner that has the qualifications but lacks real world experience however I've found a lot of these still require some form of experience.

    Becoming an administrator first, and then moving on from there would probably be the most pragmatic depending on where you are based. A major city will obviously have more scope to take on people with less experience than a rural location who probably don't have the manpower and need people to hit the ground running.

    Alternatives would be Quilter/Openwork or even the big bad SJP (only joking you are alright really) who have very good academies - especially the latter.

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    Hi Leo

    Congratulations on getting level 4, that's a massive achievement! You are not the first to come up against that quandary but you've made a great start and showing such keeness is a definite plus!

    There are a couple of options, starting as an administrator or trainee paraplanner is a good way to begin and there are companies that are looking. I would suggest speaking with a really good recruitment consultant who specialises in financial planning. There are a few out there, and they will know the market and be able to help you. I've always used Idex in the past; they really know their stuff and are always helpful.

    It's always worth sending your CV out to companies too. Where are you based? You could have a look for local financial planning companies and see if they have any openings; although, many businesses now realise that they don't need their staff to be local, so this opens lots of opportunities too.

    Some of the bigger companies do have apprenticeships and academies, so they are probably worth contacting too. Brewin, SJP and Quilters often have places so worth a look. There's a couple of threads on here with more information on that:

    There may also be some help from the CII as you are coming from an armed forces role. I'm not certain what support there is but it's probably worth a look on the CII Step Forward Website:

    This is all about moving into a career in financial planning from the armed forces, so there maybe something there that's useful to you. There are case studies and guidance as well as details of organisations that can help.

    Everyone on here started with no experience at some point, so don't get disheartened - the best advice is to keep plugging as something will come up, I'm sure! You're already well on your way with the enthusiasm, attitude and qualifications, it's only a matter of time before you get some experience under your belt!

    Good luck and keep your chin up! :)

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