Straight into Level 6?

Hi all,

Just wondered if I may get an opinion or two on jumping straight into the level 6 exams; just finishing up on level 4 (R06 pending).

Aware that I am not wanting to rush through them, but at the same time I am keen to keep the momentum going having knocked through level 4 in a pretty short space of time. Am looking to do the likes of J10 and AF4 in tandem, for example.

Don't have much in the way of industry experience yet, but wanted to get a leg up and on the lookout for some opinions!

Many thanks!


  • I stopped at Level 4 and it's been a regret ever since (8 years) that I didn't continue.

    I'm not sure how much harder the exams are, and whether industry experience would be better first, but I just find it to be a huge mountain to climb, mentally, to get to Level 6.

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    I would definitely recommend keeping on chugging through the exams whilst you are in the zone.

    There is quite a leap from R0 level to the AF exams - akin to the difference between GCSEs and A Levels, so give yourself plenty of practice on past papers to get your head around the style of questions.

    If you don't have much industry experience you may want to do more reading around the subject as the AF exams do assume quite a bit of prior knowledge, but there are plenty of companies offering support and training packages; Brand and Pensions Expert to mention just two.

    God luck!

  • If you have the opportunity go for it. I'm stalled with one L6 exam as I simply don't have the time to study and run a new business at the same time.

    I might get CII chartered one day, but not any time soon

  • I recommend doing them while you can, especially as you take on more career responsibility etc, it just gets harder to find the time again... go for level six!

  • Thanks for all the replies! Sounds like a bit of a concensus on flowing straight into the level 6 material.

    Only reservation I have is whether or not it'll intrude on quite vital time when starting a new role in building up business and networking. Going to be a very delicate balance I think!

    Going to be a busy year but think I'll go for it and book one of the AFs in for April.

    Are there any recommendations of which style to do first? Ie coursework Vs exam?

  • I went straight for AF5 as a follow from R06 as the exam style is similar and this was ok. I think it’s the opposite of what most people do though. Next I’m planning to AF1 and J02 perhaps in April but it’s dependent upon how a few other things pan out.

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