AF7 July 2020

Hi everyone,

Anyone sitting AF7 in July and want to share material costs? I have bought the Expert Pensions Exam Style Questions and Answers book if anyone would like a copy.


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    Hello preparation for exams takes off, we thought we'd remind you of this post on sharing paid for materials. Check the licenses or your purchase agreement don't prohibit it :)

  • How did you find the exam? I thought it was a little harder than any previous papers I used in revision!

  • PSA456PSA456 Member

    Same! the previous papers I used to revise from made me feel like I could pass it...... but after taking the exam I think its safe to say I will have to retake it :(
    Did you buy any material or go on any courses for it ?

  • Me too, I felt relatively good going into the exam based on past paper results. But the two case studies were really quite in-depth and a fair bit to take in - for mocks usually I would find there was one smaller case study and a larger one, whereas this felt like two, A4 pages packed with details.

    The system wasn't the smoothest to use either if you wanted to go back and review questions... I know a couple of instances of people "clearing" their answers, rather than "editing" as the buttons were next to each other!

    I got the study package from Expert Pensions which was really good - especially helped with structure while WFH.

    Fingers crossed!!

  • PSA456PSA456 Member

    I got the Expert Pensions material too and thought it was quite good and helpful!
    Yeh the system wasn't ideal but figured it out. I also heard of people accidentally 'clearing' their answers with very little time to remember what they had wrote to re-write it.

    I thought the questions were like two questions in 1 whereas all the past questions I had seen were just a straight forward question to answer... and yes the case studies were very long compared to what I had seen before......

    And now for the loooooooong wait !! Good luck !

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