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  • This depends if you are a full time student or working at the same time. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01748 822777 to have a chat Luiza
  • The R04 exam is tough as you have to know so many different bits of info including old and new rules. Get some questions via the BTS App R0 study buddy. I design them and I sit the exam every year. Email me at [email protected]
  • Try the BTS App R0 study buddy Victoria - we sit the exam every year so these are very exam style. I design all the questions and answers and have scored 50/50 in the exam for the last two years....Good luck as the exam aint easy!
  • Try the BTS App R0 study buddy. We sit the exams every year and the questions in here as very exam style (code for pretty horrid!) Luiza
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  • The R06 paper is always very pensions heavy. So I think you could struggle. If you want to have a chat call me on 01748 822777 Luiza
  • Exam will use tax rates for 2020/21 as the CII don't change their exams until 1st September. Biggest reason candidates fail R03 is they run out of time so dont take too long on any one question. Try the BTS App R0 study buddy. The questions you can …
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  • R05 is a bit part of knowledge required for the R06 exam. So I think you are right to worry. If you want to give us a call on 01748 822777 we will happily have a natter and discuss possible options with you
  • BTS have spent all BH WE so far analysing these two April case studies. Follows us on LinkedIn as we are posting loads of hints and tips that will be really useful to help with your exam revision.
  • The case studies are out and they are real toughies. Anyone that does not follow Bespoke Training Solutions on LinkedIn I would suggest you do so, as we will be posting lost of thoughts, hints and tips all over the Easter WE as we analyse these two …
  • You poor thing Aimee that must be so off putting. You have picked the R0 with the lowest pass rate mind. Have a look at BTS support as we are R0 experts: We have supported tens of thousands of R0 candidates so reall…
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  • R01 is a really tough exam yet BTS achieve pretty close to 100% pass rate through a combination of using our study guide and our App R0 study buddy. Have a look on our All you would need to book via the CII i…
  • This is an exam with 100 study hours suggested by the CII. So anyone thinking that a one or two day workshop is enough is asking for the wrong result. I train this subject regularly and the people that pass are those that work just as hard for it as…
  • R01 is a really tricky exam. I have lost count of the number of times students have siad they did loads of work, studied using the CII guide and practised questions on RevisionMate and elsewhere, yet they got to the exam and it was way harder than a…
  • Try our App BTS R0 Studdy Buddy. Costs £29.99 and for that you get 400 questions that you can use as much as you want. We are R0 specialists - that's all we do. You can get in touch at [email protected] if you have any questions…