Work Tracker

Hi, I was just wondering does anyone have a workflow "tracker'' of some sort ?
I am just looking to track my work and cases/clients with the adviser ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    Are you looking for something just for you to use (Trello is very good if you like kanban and free too) or for a team with lots of MI (Pipedrive is very good for this or you could try something like Asana,, Clickup etc)

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  • Previous firms used excel, doesn't leave much visible space for notes but if you want others to dip in without having to teach them a new system, it has the advantage of being familiar. I brought Asana to my firm to do a bit more, but it takes a lot of buy in for everyone to change their habits. It might be too much just for your own use and you also want to ensure you won't get in trouble with your data protection officer for putting client data on external tools, so stick to MS suite if in doubt. MS Planner wasn't suitable for what I wanted but could suit an individual.

    If you don't have anything in place at this point, I'd say excel as a starting point. Make it filterable by assignee and adviser. Include the subject and certain details you might want to search for in future so you can easily find similar cases or content you wrote previously. I have an example blank one I can email you if you want to PM me.

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