R06 Jan 22

The case studies have been released today. Anyone sitting the exam on the 25th? Any thoughts on the case studies?


  • Ugi89Ugi89 Member

    Good luck. Looks interesting so far. I’ve only really focused on case study 1 so far (Vida and Viki). There’s loads that could be examined on this one. I can’t see where the curveball will be but its early days.

    Think the obvious ones so far are Protection, Pensions, Adjusted net income and Multi Assert Funds. Weak on a couple of these but there is time I suppose. Think BTS have already got a grip on the case study already. Couldn’t afford the analysis but I’m sure ill be ok.


  • Thank you, good luck to you too!

    I agree, definitely will see some questions on protection and multi asset funds. Also on the benefits of receiving advice.

    Looks like there could also be questions around JISAs/ planning to fund children's education. Also around their plan to purchase a new home (they’ve both got Lifetime ISAs so possibly something about using these), and possibly the advantages/ disadvantages of capital and interest and interest only mortgages?

    On the second case study there’ll definitely be some pension/ retirement planning questions. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was also a question about her father’s estate and the DGT.

    I’ve opted for the Brand analysis so waiting for this to be released!
  • Ugi89Ugi89 Member

    Might be worth taking a look at exam Feb 2021 whilst you wait for the analysis. Some similarities between Vida and Viki and the feb 2021 case study 1. Looks at some of the issued you’ve highlighted re protection and mortgages. “Looking forward” to the DGT…

  • GayleGayle Member


    We have been working all weekend and have now published our full analysis' of both case studies if you are looking for help towards passing the January exam :) You can purchase it here and this will also give you access to our online forum where you can ask questions and discuss the cases with our expert author and other students.

    Best of luck everyone.
    Gayle (Expert Pensions)

  • Fellow person giving it a shot on the 25th! Good luck to everyone!

    It's the first exam I've done in this format, so just trying to go through past case studies and get a feel for the questions/answers being looked for....and patiently awaiting Brand and Wizard Learning inputs!

    The DGT/inheritance planning on the second one is definitely sending my brain into overdrive but hopefully Brand and Wizard will give some useful insight and thoughts!

    What's the worst that can happen eh?!

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