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Hi all,

I just wondered how different firms deal with life cover and protection applications? We have noticed an increase in the number of providers who only accept online submissions which is causing an issue as when a question is answered, a new set of questions come up which we do not have the answer to.

I believe they want the adviser to sit with the client and go through the online application together. Even when we use the correct data capture forms, sometimes they do not follow the same journey as the online application and some questions are not included.

We do not do a lot of protection but I would be interested to hear how others process this type of business?



  • JonaJona Member

    We have a dedicated protection team here. After advising correct product, terms, provider etc they get one of the customer service team to schedule a 45 minute slot with the client over the phone to do the online app and Trust stuff. As you say there is no way of knowing what supplementary questions might arise during the app process and you cannot gather all the necessary info before hand.

  • Hiya,

    We've started using LifeQuote for our protection apps, which makes the process far easier!

    The only thing we do are the quotes, then when the client accepts the recommendations LifeQuote arrange a time slot with them to go through the whole application over the telephone. So it's a bit like what Jona's company do, but outsourced.

    There's a cost to using a third party, but the time and hassle saved has made it well worth it for us and I'd recommend if you're a smaller company, or you struggle to have the time available to do it yourselves.

    Hope this helps :smile:

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