AF5 April 2019 - How did everyone find it?

Although my prep was absolutely awful (did the Expert Pensions structured study plan, but when the fact find was released I was on holiday for a week for my 40th and the day of my return had flu for a week and whilst sitting the exam!!!) I thought the exam itself was pretty reasonable.

No questions where I thought 'that's naughty' and there weren't ANY generic questions either like explain benefits of DFM, compare fixed/% fees etc. It was all very client specific. I did think they could have spread the marks out a bit more as some were very high scoring questions e.g explain 12 benefits to Tom and Employer of employer increasing pension contributions. I mean I had the obvious ones but 12 seemed quite high and there were a few like this.

14 mark fact finding question on gather pension details/retirement planning was a nice first question and I actually quite enjoyed the 14 marker on EIS to mitigate Tom's income tax liability and in view of his longer term planning (IHT etc).

Only tricky one for me was the recommend and justify for the tax efficient way to purchase the buy to let for daughter. I just chucked down a few options as thought there were many ways to address this.

What did others think that took it? I went in feeling awful (from man flu and under prepped for the last 2 weeks) but came out a 'little' more optimistic and would be a little disappointed if I failed now.

I am praying I get through this one as its the last for chartered. 13 years on and off studying whilst getting married, 2 kids, over 1500 study hours and countless 6am starts for around 5 years I just wanna get over the line now.

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