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Holloway Friendly Purely IP is coming up over 20% cheaper than LV and Royal London, who I'd usually default to. Before I spend an hour in the T&Cs has anyone got any insight on why this might be so much less?


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    because it's age-costed?

    I did a quote recently showing AIG is best level premiums (best as in the lowest cost)

    If you use The Exchange I'm pretty sure it mixes level with increasing premiums - you can specify guaranteed but that's a misnomer, because some are guaranteed to increase (please tell me if there's a way to removing the increasing ones)

    • British Friendly also coming up top of the charts, but also increasing.
  • the guaranteed bit is that the 'rates' by age are guaranteed rather than being reviewed based on claims expereince

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  • Yeah. I think you should be able to specify 'guaranteed - level' or 'guaranteed - increasing'

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