What KPIs do you use at staff reviews.

Hi all.
Trying to build a more robust staff review process for PPlanners and Admin and thinking about what KPIs we should use in assessing work quality, efficiency, team work and personal development.

The main tool we have for this is our CRM, especially around the efficiency and team work areas as we can report on how long tasks and sections of the advice process are taking as well as looking at all sorts of other things such as tasks set for others and tasks completed on other behalf (team work) plus tasks completed ahead of due dates / outside of due dates (efficiency).

What other metrics are people using to set KPIs and how are they measured.



  • Thought I'd bump this, as I'd be interested to hear views too.

  • Peer review of reports, graded on errors in words and figures. Eg, if a report is proof read and requires no changes it is green, if minor errors are found (typos, bad formatting) it's amber, if major errors are found (eg charges not totalled correctly, apostrophe fails!) it's a red. You have to decide what is classed as amber or red, and you need to explain the difference between subjective use of language and it being an error. Also you perhaps need a more severe option for a report that recommends non-compliant advice.

    Personal development can be based on quarterly self selected targets. If you are a member of the PFS, you should have a rolling development plan that focuses on areas of weakness in your knowledge to inform your CPD program. Ask staff to identify activities that they can do to meet these needs (or provide them) and then grade them (again, using traffic light), based on whether they are achieved.

    There are a lot of other options, get in touch if you want to have a chat about it.

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • I've missed the original post. I measure time spent doing particular tasks and complexity with feedback from advisers. Pretty much as you're doing.

    Next stage for us is reviewing the file with the paraplanner based on the compliance adviser file review as these are changing and will now include metrics I can use with PPs.

    CPD is now going to be formally checked, but these have always been done as part of the development plans in conjunction with appraisals.

    I like @benjaminfabi 's idea re traffic light system. Particularly good for trainees- might pinch that.

    I've a draft T&C plan drawn up that I'm looking to put in place early this year. Qualifications, regulatory, time management, technical competence, analysis, production of documents, annual reviews, and housekeeping eg data input, file maintenance.

  • Thanks both for your input.

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