Tickets now available for the national Paraplanners Powwow - 13 September 2018!

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The 6th annual national Paraplanners Powwow will be on 13 September 2018. We've published more details on the Powwow event page but, we can tell you:

Your Powwow Guru will be...
Chris Hewitt, Technical Specialist for the FCA! Chris is throwing himself right into the spirit of the Powwow by taking on the big topic that is DB transfers.

Helping paraplanners explain paraplanning
Powerplanner? Parachute? It's paraplanner! Sound familiar? We share your frustrations, and so this year with the help of supporters Ascentric, we are partnering with long standing Powwow friends, Quietroom, to run sessions to start to define the paraplanner role - from finding the right words and phrases to identifying the nuances of different types of paraplanner we plan to start putting some shape to the this job we call paraplanning.

Want to come along? Then head to the event page to book your spot.

Plus feel free to chat Powwow tunes, chocs and even car shares below.

See you there!


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