Outsourcing Paraplanning Start Up

I am seriously contemplating this. I have started with a lot of research in the area, thinking about what I need to consider, charges, acquiring clients etc. I am still employed too and don't want to make the break until I'm absolutely certain.

I have read lots of past threads on here which have been very useful but is there any advice you can give me on setting up and any of those that have 'gone for it' in the last year or so, what have your experiences been?

I'm trying to keep things small and grow steadily - so far I have just bought a 2nd hand laptop to do all of my research on and have looked at AI to generate a skeleton Business plan (to keep me focused/on track) and website.

I also put together a survey monkey questionnaire to send to advisers to ascertain what they really want these days, but I'm reading there are better ways of acquiring clients rather than cold-calling to get them to complete!

What should I be making sure is on that business plan?

I would be very grateful to hear from you....


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