FCA SDR (Sustainability Disclosure Requirements) / Anti-Greenwashing rule - ESG portfolios

Morning folks,

I've just landed in my new role and I've been given a project to look at the FCA's SDR guidance and what it means for our firm, what do we need to do? I think it is specifically the anti-greenwashing rule which is relevant at firm level, that has a deadline of...this Friday (31/5)! We run a range of ESG portfolios which are built in house, using predominantly Vanguard / DFA sustainable funds.

I'm keen to hear what other practices with a similar set up have done so far? What have you implemented? What changes have you made to your client disclosures (if any)?

I think the labels side of things is more relevant at the level of asset manager/funds in terms of scope.

Anyway I'd be interested to hear any feedback/thoughts.

Many thanks.

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