R02 Support Update - what next?


A couple of months back I posted looking for some R02 support after failing twice. I have now passed and just wanted to post to thank everyone who commented support and advice.

I now have a new question, out of R03, R04 & R05, which would you suggest I go for next?


  • Congrats on passing R02 it is a tricky exam.

    R05 is a level 3 exam and it might be a nice break from having studied so hard for R02 to go for an easier exam that might not require so much commitment. Recommended 50study hours 10 credits and has the highest pass rate most years of the R0 exams.

    Alternatively, you might want to jump straight on with R03 and get another toughie out of the way!

  • AnnBrandAnnBrand Member

    I agree with the comments above. R05 is definitely the easier option. R01 isn't techncially that hard but is very dry so that could be an option too.
    I would suggest taking R03 after these. It's tough, not just the syllabus but the timings too, so i would advise you get some more practise in before you tackle it - unless of course you are a taxation techie!! Good luck either way and shout if we can help. Ann (Brand Financial Training)

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