What AI tools or services are you using or looking at?

It would be good to get a list running here.

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  • benjaminfabibenjaminfabi Moderator
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    Microsoft - CoPilot for Microsoft 365 (within my existing 365 environment)
    Anthropic - Claude Pro (not for personal data and not planning to be)
    OpenAI - ChatGPT Teams (not for personal data and annoyingly I have now identified a shortcoming in the data processing addendum that means you can't use it for data processing if you aren't the data controller)

    Costs (inc VAT) per user:

    MS - £355 annual
    Claude - £21.60 monthly
    Chat GPT Teams - $36 monthly but minimum two users so $72 ($60 if you pay annually)

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • How are those AI programs helping you work?
  • benjaminfabibenjaminfabi Moderator

    Check out the assembly I did a couple of weeks ago with Richard and Jonny Stubbs.


    Hyper-charged research assistant and analyst.

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    Paraplanner. F1, Apple, Nutella, ice cream. No trite motivational quotes. Turning a bit northern. 

  • thanks both, will take a look

  • Just watched the assembly link. Good stuff.

    Few questions I've got and hopefully the guests will come back:

    Jonny - what do advisers do in face to face meetings, are they taking a voice recorder in to the meeting with them? I take it the software is able to distinguish between who is speaking (adviser/client)? How do you deal with special category data (e.g. health/medical conditions) which might get incidentally recorded in the meeting audio / meeting notes?

    **Benjamin **- when you talk about "building your own GPTs" - in say ChatGPT (v3.5) - is that just starting a "new chat" and feeding stuff into that particular chat? If i then want to have a conversation with it about a day out in London, I would just open a new chat and start fresh?

    Ignoring the data protection issues for the moment, is there any software (free ideally / paid for) that you can dump multiple word documents/pdfs into it to analyse data without having to carve it out manually to then throw into the system? An example of this I guess would be a combination of 1) A cost comparison template 2) Multiple plan information packs - and then tell it to collate the charges and populate the template?

  • parawhatparawhat Member

    Hi @Wildparaplanner Good question. We're still trialling a number of solutions for face to face meetings as the quality of the transcription is definitely not as good as for actual Teams meetings. This is down to the ability of the AI to be able to, like you've hinted at, distinguish between different voices. It is getting better all the time though and we're having some success with using dedicated external microphones.

    We treat the special category data being recorded as just the same as if it was recorded in a written meeting note.

    Jonny (paraflex)
  • benjaminfabibenjaminfabi Moderator

    No. Building a GPT is creating a specific GPT and requires a paid solution. In ChatGPT it's really intuitive with natural language, in CoPilot it needs some deeper grounding in software (using CoPilot Studio), which I don't have!

    I have built GPTs to do specific things. EG I have a CPD log writer. I have fed it the CISI and CII CPD schemes, with all the terms, and the specimen entries, plus blank forms. I've also given it some real past entries I've done. Now I can give it a CPD certificate and the slide deck, or promo for an event I've attended, and in about 10 seconds it writes the CPD log entry. Because it also knows my job role, it's good at a first draft of the reflective statement.

    I have another one that I'm stuttering with that will produce an investment analyst style output for a portfolio. High level - I feed it a Longscan from FE and ask it to review against the CIP for a given risk profile. It already has the CIP, including the main document itself, all asset allocations, funds, KIIDs, costs, weightings, etc. It has a template for how to structure the output (which it doesn't like sticking to!). Results from this aren't as good as the CPD one. I feel like this is where CoPilot would potentially thrive as it could automatically have access to a siloed sharepoint point site of all the past analyses I've written.

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • @parawhat Which options are you trialling for meeting note recording?

    We have a large number of historic voice recordings of meetings and I would (a) like to get them transcribed - & for now, not too fussed about it identifying different speakers and ideally (b) get a summary of the meeting.

    @benjaminfabi Having read your post & seen the Assembly, I am more than a bit in awe of what you are doing with AI. Any tips on how to learn how to start on this? I am particularly interested in both the FE analytics and CPD processes you have built.

  • benjaminfabibenjaminfabi Moderator

    @richardgough just get stuck in to the tools and start consuming video tutorials on how to use them. Like anything, the more you do it the better you'll be. I'd start by having it help you with writing tasks. I get lots of value by simply having it reduce the word count of stuff I write without losing the message or style.

    In terms of transcription, you can try otter.ai and fireflies.ai. The paid versions of these both offer a certain level of customisation in output where they'll look for keywords and surface talking points on those words.

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • JonaJona Member

    Just found an AI meeting notes function on zoom.

    Great for getting advisers to actually write up their notes in a coherent and logical manner!

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