AF8 Assignment 3

Hi all,

Looking some guidance for Assignment 3 of AF8. I passed assignment 1 and 2 quite generously considering the vague guidance from CII and I am starting assignment 3 now, with a deadline for submission of two weeks!!

For anyone who has done it and has been successful, I have been reading that the previous assignments are completely disregarded and the marker will not have sight - my questions are:

  • For the purposes of the third assignment, do we assume any suggestions/planning considerations made in assignment 2 have been recommended and implemented previously and illustrate a new starting point or
  • Do I include some of those previous planning considerations as actual recommendations in the final assignment?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi there, I passed my third assignment back in January with about 65 marks.
    I also struggled with what to do here - I concluded that the starting position for the essay was when the clients retired (5 years in my case), but where their assets differed to what we had in the fact find, I needed to explain the differential.
    I began the essay with a 'pre-retirement' section, stating that the period had been considered in greater depth previously, and sumarrising the recommendations I had made (i.e. amending asset allocations, annual ISA and pension funding etc). I limited this to 250 words, and concluded the section with a table showing the forecast values of their various assets at their retirement dates.
    I doubt there was a high 'mark per word' for this section, but I concluded it was only logical to explain how I got to my starting point.

  • LHR301LHR301 Member

    Hi Ssasquatch,

    Thanks for coming back to me on this one, although just picking it up.

    Thankfully I have followed a similar route to you, albeit after my second draft as I found I was repeating myself and using my word count by regurgitating some of assignment 2.

    My deadline is next week, so the end is in sight after leaving it so long to get started on the final submission.

    Can I ask how long it took to get your mark back on the final submission? My first took 9 weeks, second took 4/5 so no real consistency.

  • Only about 5 weeks on the final one, but as you say I had no consistency across the three and think it's random! Best of luck.

  • think it's random and based on marker capacity. When I submitted assignment 1 just before Christmas 2021, i had a mark back in 2 weeks, the other assignments in early to mid 2022 took the full 8-9 weeks.

  • LHR301LHR301 Member

    Just got my AF8 results for the third assignment and failed it. I am a little deflated as I scored B, C, B, B but yet still failed. Has anyone ever had experience with remark of an assignment? The feedback is pretty vague and I don't know whether to attempt re-submit or request mark or start from scratch.

    My overall deadline is end of July so time is truly against me.

  • Hi LHR, sorry to hear that. It's such a frustrating module!
    No experience (fortunately). I would give a shout to the team at Bespoke Training Solutions to see if they have had much feedback from other candidates.
    Best of luck with the remark/resubmission.

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