RO2 Exam

Anyone got any good tips for RO2 exam? I have the exam in just under two weeks. Have been reading the Syllabus, answering the end of chapter questions. Only to do a past paper and feel like I’ve not retained any of the calculations or terminology- really stressing out now.


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    I've always found the books to be quite tricky to learn from as they're not very well written in places, and they also contain a lot of unnecessary fluff so it's hard to remember the key points. Don't stress - I think it's normal to feel a bit stumped by the first past paper you do. I've been in the same position many times as the books just don't prepare you!

    Have you bought the revision aids offered by the CII? I find them more helpful than the books themselves, especially the quizzes on Revision Mate. The revision aids are always a key part of my revision, along with doing as many past papers as I can over and over again! You could also look at buying guides from places like BTS/Bespoke Training Solutions. I've never used them personally but I know a lot of people find them helpful as they take all the rubbish out and distill the books down to the key points. I think they do free samples so you can see if you think they'd be useful for you.

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    I used a combination of past papers and the Knowledge Checker on Revisionmate when I needed to pass it in a hurry earlier this year.

  • Brand Financial Training have lot of useful resources for R02. A good starting point is the free 'How to pass guide

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    I took a couple of attempts to pass R02, because I found it overwhelming.

    The calculation workbook from Brand Financial Training was a god send and helped me massively.

  • Sat the exam on Friday and failed. I found the wording of the questions very different to the past papers so it just threw me off.

    Resit is booked for 3 weeks time and purchased some BrandFT e-mocks so will brush up on the areas highlighted in the feedback and try the online questions
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