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I am looking to do AF4 in March 24 and it will be my first try at a AF paper. It has been suggested to me to do a course beforehand and normally people in the company use the CII however the dates are on my first wedding anniversary and I have already booked a long weekend away.

I was looking at Bespoke Training Solutions but I do not know anyone personally who has used them and wanted some feedback and if there were any other suggestions?

I am currently studying J10 but if anyone has any other tips please let me know

Thank you


  • Hi Asc123,

    I've been looking at this too and am planning on doing the October sitting so that I have enough time to prepare for it. Having spoken to a friend about it, they recommended sitting J10 before AF4, so you are on the right track with that. I will be trying to get J12 done before it as well.

    A coworker used BTS for their R0 exams, and with the exception of R04, passed them all on their first attempt. People I've met at conferences have also sung their praises, as they feel their texts are structured in a much more coherent way than the CII books.

    Good luck with the studies,


  • BTS is good.

    BrandFT stuff for AF4 is also tried and tested, especially the calculations workbook as it applies to J10 and J12 too (which you should consider doing one or both of at the same time for more points from the same syllabus).

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • Hi Asc123,

    I’ve just done the AF4 in October 2023 (with doing J10 first).

    I used Brand for the calculation workbooks and also used the Cii Sussex…. Which was different dates and times I believe to the original email (and better priced). I believe there are a few regions that offer Cii Courses if there is an enough of a need.

    I don’t have to be in that area either as I’m based in the North.

    Good luck with it all.
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