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I have just embarked on AF8 and finding the course guide a little vague in terms of referencing. Is there a particular way people have found best to provide their references? Or will simply adding an appendix at the end do the trick? I remember the referencing being really strict when I was at uni, but uni was a while ago so not sure how anymore, or wether it will be too in depth.

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    I used Harvard Referencing. It was pretty time consuming to do but I used a converter as I was going along. I saw this style mentioned in the CII coursework guide. See extract below:

    How to reference
    The Chartered Insurance Institute requires that students use quotation marks when content
    other than their own is used, immediately followed by a citation in brackets at the end
    of that content; this citation should include the author’s name, and the year the source was
    produced. There should then be a corresponding reference list at the end of the assignment
    (space is provided for this on CII assignment templates) which includes the full name of the
    publication, the authors, and year of publication. This style of citation is known as
    Harvard referencing.

    I hope this helps and AF8 is going well.

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