How often to issue RPQ

I’m looking to find out how often others are issuing RPQs. Our current process is to issue an RPQ annually, ahead of an annual meeting, so that the results can be discussed & changes made as appropriate/client challenged on the answers to their Qs. However, recently we’ve been getting push back from clients who feel that nothing changes year on year for them when it comes to their attitude to risk. If we issued RPQs less frequently what is a sensible timeframe for reassessment?


  • We discuss risk annually but client only has to complete new questionnaire once every three years. This seems to work well for the vast majority of clients
  • Hello, we take the same approach as @Calvert76

    Risk is discussed and considered annually, but the questionnaire only needs completing every three years.

  • Ditto here for most of my planners. They will inevitably talk about the markets as part of the annual meeting, with notes, but the tolerance questionnaire is not more frequently than 3 years.

    Benjamin Fabi 
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