AF8 assignments - how long for results?

Is anyone waiting for an assignment to be returned at the moment or had one back recently and can share how long it took? My previous submissions came back in around 4 weeks each time but for this one I'm nearly at 7 weeks. I know the deadline is 40 w/ds but I can't help being impatient!


  • Hi. I have been waiting 8 weeks for an assignment to come back. I spoke to the CII this morning and apparently the turn around time is now 63 calendar days (9weeks), this looks to have been updated very recently....

  • I submitted assignment 1 early August and nothing back as yet. Although my wait has only been 4 weeks so far, I too am becoming impatient. 9 weeks seems excessive.

  • Hi, just to update, I’ve finally had my results back today (passes thank goodness), so that’s 7 weeks after submission.
  • Congrats on the pass! Well done.

    I'm still waiting on results. Although I've logged on this morning and the grading status is 'released' any idea what this means?

  • Seven Weeks here as well, that could be nearly half the 12 month study period elapsed in wait time, assuming you wait each time before submitting the assignments, there should be plenty of time if you are organised but cannot emphasise enough being organised and getting on with the next assignment as soon as the result of the previous one lands, that way you should still have ample time at the end for re-submissions if they are required.

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