AF8 or AF4

I am looking for some guidance/advice. I have one remaining advanced module to get my advanced diploma and chartered status and I am struggling to decide between AF8 or AF4. I did quite well on R02 but haven't done the other modules that contribute to AF4 and I have heard AF8 can be difficult to determine what is actually required, hence the confusion...which will be the lesser of the two evils I suppose.

Any advice from others who have done both modules or either would be greatly appreciated.


  • I would definitely do AF4 if I had to choose between the two. I have passed both and AF4 was a much less stressful experience. AF8 has unclear instructions at best, and the feedback provided for assignments is very vague too, it also costs a lot more to enroll and the 60 days wait for each assignment to be marked can drag out the time it takes to pass.

  • As somebody whom has passed two assignments currently for AF8 but finds a resubmission needed for the 3rd which ahs just fallen short, I would echo the above, too much perceived overlap in the questions on AF8 and too easy to not go into enough detail, can be a real head scratcher. That said perhaps the above is made up for with the 50% pass mark on each assignment so it is baked in to a degree - Good Luck

  • LHR301LHR301 Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I ended up going for AF8. I didn't think I'd have enough time to prepare for the upcoming AF4 sitting so worst case scenario I'd attempt AF8 now and go for AF4 in the next sitting to hedge my bets.

  • GayleGayle Member

    Hi we (Expert Pensions) support AF8 if you are looking for some help with this one. It is worth reading our tutor's blogs to help you get started - here i a link to assignment 1 for you

    Good luck :)

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