How does your firm structure paraplanning?

Hey guys,

Wondered how your firm structures the paraplanning function and how well you think it works?

Do they split out roles between new business and ongoing servicing? Or combine the two?

Do they have senior paraplanners exclusively working on new business?

How much interaction do the paraplanners have with advisers and the advice process itself?

How much interaction do the paraplanners have with the administration side of things? Do they take on all the admin or does it completely go to a dedicated admin team?

Our firm splits out as much of the pre-report and post-report admin to a dedicated team but the whole paraplanning team deals with both new business and ongoing servicing (e.g. Bed and isa, tops ups, withdrawals). Same goes for the admin team. Whilst it does mean everyone can do everything, it does feel a bit like people aren't able to focus on a particular function, and can result in inconsistent work.

Appreciate your thoughts and feedback




  • Hi.

    We work in a 'Pod' system where we have a paraplanner and administrator for each adviser (or per 2 advisers). The paraplanners and admin staff do both initial/new business and follow up/ongoing service. This is not split.

    I find this works well as you get to know the clients and how the advisers like to work.

  • Everyone does everything here, helps with building continuity, file familiarity and long term relationships with the clients.

    I suspect the efficiency of that will depend on the size of the company to some extent.

    Personally, I like seeing it through from beginning to end, with annual reviews thrown in too.

    Ruth Baker

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