AF8 Assignment 2

I have passed Assignment 1 & 3 first times but have failed assignment 2 twice now.

I have started again and really tried to break down the question by focusing on evaluating each of their investments individually and suggesting how it could be improved by suggesting positives and negatives for doing so.

I have mentioned tax allowances, using Bed & ISA, mentioned some fund switches, topping up pensions, transferring to a platform, building emergency funds etc.

Does anyone else have any other advice? I have ignored IHT for the time being as the question asks about improving their investments in advance of their retirement but would like to know if others have included it.


  • Maybe you could look at potentially surrendering / partially encashing the least tax efficient of the clients investments and using the proceeds from this to fund additional contributions to pensions which would receive tax relief at their marginal rate and also entitle them to a higher amount of TFC when they retire.

    That should improve their retirement position.

    Good luck Adam !

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