Curtis Banks SIPP query

Hi all,

We have a client where we need to hold c£700,000 in a direct equity holding. There is no requirement to provide advice on this holding and there is no requirement to deal in the share either. It's an LSE quoted share.

Is there an investment partner on Curtis Banks SIPP's panel which we could use to hold the share, ideally at minimal servicing cost? Looking at their panel list (which I attach) there are so many to choose from and I really don't have the time to go into detail on everything single one of them. From a brief look, the only one which looks like it might be a good option is Stocktrade, but I have no exposure to them, other than the fact they feature on the old Standard Life SIPPs level 3 charging structure.

We don't really want to put them on to a platform as the platform costs would be too high. Ideally want something with a single fixed annual charge which would be proportionate to the minimal action that will be taken with this share.

Many thanks


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