AF8 - Assignment 3 - Do I completely disregard Assignment 2?

Morning all,

I am hoping someone may be able to help.

I am sitting AF8 at the moment. I have passed Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 has been submitted (but not yet marked), so I am making a start to Assignment 3.

Without revealing too much about the questions, there is a case study with a couple coming up to retirement (within 3 years). Assignment 2 asked what actions they could take before retirement to put them in the best position to meet retirement income objectives. Assignment 3 is asking about how they could use their savings, pensions and investments to provide XX income throughout retirement tax-efficiently (so over the longer-term).

But interestingly, the coursework guidance is asking me to use the information from the "Fact Find provided". The exemplar for Assignment 3 also references Assignment 1, but not 2. So I am to completely disregard the recommendations (restructuring, ISA-subs, etc) used for Assignment 2 and start with a completely clean state again for Assignment 3 (starting 3 years down the line)?

Because there is an extra 500 words for Assignment 3, I am guessing they expect a bit of a re-cap?!?

I feel this hasn't been made very clear.

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