Mortgage Broker - retrain as a Paraplanner?

MrsG26MrsG26 Member
I’m looking to see if anyone else has made a career change whilst working as a mortgage broker and how they found the transition?

I am currently a whole of market mortgage broker, having done so for 6 years and worked in a bank as a mortgage adviser and various other roles for 15 years prior to that. So, my career has always been in financial services. Due to all the changes in the mortgage market and rising interest rates I am finding myself unfulfilled, working extremely long hours with little time left to spend with my teenage daughter & wider family on weekends as I am always catching up on case admin and emails, submitting applications and responding to clients queries/keeping them updated as I have no admin support and an intense workload.

So I am considering a change & several people have said to me to consider training as a Paraplanner. I just wondered if anyone else has successfully made the move away from providing mortgage advice and being client focused to being a paraplanner.

I don’t have my level 4 exams but can do it on a distance learning basis and self funded. Albeit I regularly work 60 hours as a broker so have little time for studying right now. I did see a job as an assistant paraplanner and they would support exams/ training but I don’t even know If I should consider applying or whether to try and get my exams out the way first and then apply. I am 40 next month and feel like I need to make the move soon as after 8 years of providing mortgage advice I’m ready for the next challenge. Any advice is welcome.
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