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Hi all,

We are doing a bit of due diligence on our report writing software and wondered if anyone had any recommendations or could give us some feedback about software they use or have previously used.

We are currently using an inhouse custom built piece of kit, which very simply does the job of pulling the correct paragraphs from a bank saved in windows file explorer and drops them into a word template in the correct order. It works really well, but as the person who wrote the code is leaving, its now time to examine if other options would be more suitable going forward, as theres the potential business risk of not having someone who can fix it if it goes wrong.

I want something that we can personalise to our branding and also where the wording can be tweaked to match our tone of voice guide. It needs to feel like us and not like an off the shelf product.

I've got a demo of Genovo coming up and from reading through some of these threads have also come across ATEB and PPOL. Any others that I should also be considering?



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    When we used Word we had the functions you mention (and more) built by Melanie at She's fantastic and that could be a good option for you as it's more customisable than an off the shelf option.

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  • Can't offer any alternatives but I have set up and used Genovo in a couple of firms and recently had a trial of ATEB. Both are relatively easy to personalise, have good technical content and the reports look good. The fact we didn't have to update technical content was great, but it meant we couldn't tinker with it in these sections. Both produce reports in a fairly rigid structure so if you are wedded to a particular or unusual structure, they might not work.

    Whilst Genovo was a great help in both firms, the system generated reports always required additional work so it is not a panacea (unless advisers aren't too fussy!)

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