O&M Profiler

One of my newest clients uses O&M Profiler, which is a system I am not familiar with, having used Selectapension for a number of years.

Does anyone have any useful tips and tricks, and is there a way of overcoming the requirement to add data at the speed of light before the field closes down and you have to click on it again to complete the entry?!

I have to say, it feels quite clunky in comparison to what I am used to, and not at all intuitive


  • I agree that it's quite clunky and unintuitive! No particularly groundbreaking tips or tricks here, but 1) their live chat feature is usually pretty helpful if you need any help with something specific, and 2) there is an option to import a lot of funds in one go using a list of SEDOLs which is far quicker than searching for them individually (this may be obvious but took me ages to work out!)

    It is a bit of a quirky system but you get used to it, though there are still some bits that baffle me and I find myself going around in circles!

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