AF8 Exam

Hi Is anyone sitting the AF8 exam ?


  • Hi, AF8 involves three coursework assignments rather than an exam.

    I am currently completing this unit though and would highly recommend the Expert Pensions AF8 Study plan if you are looking at completing AF8.

  • Hi Dale, yeah i have just signed up for the coursework and expert pensions. I have looked at the module answer and does not show really what they are looking for other than what they have in the criteria. I think it may be difficult to score really highly.

  • Yes, it's not too clear at all. The expert pensions material does a great job of explaining what the CII should have done IMO... i.e., what CII are looking for with each assignment and also how to structure your answers. I'd also make use of the pension forum on there to ask questions, they are usually very quick to respond and give pointers.

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