R01 - 3rd party resources

Hello, I've just passed my LP2 and have started on my R01. The Cii book is quite dry as most people say and I'm looking the BTS resources but there seems to be a lot of products on offer??

For those who have purchased BTS before, did you buy the study guide and the app questions? Or just one?
Workshops are bit spenny form me ATM.



  • Fantastic news!
    Good luck.
    I found the BTS app on my phone the best. Lots of questions to practise from and gives you guidance on what the right answer is and why.
    The questions are similar to the real thing.
    Also, a tip. Don't wait until you think you know the content perfectly, as the pass mark is around 60% and you'll be surprised how much you already know!

  • I found BTS study guides fantastic

  • Hey ! I did R01 first and bought the brand FT book I found that extremely helpful and more readable than the CII.

    I’m currently doing LP2 how was the exam ? I’ve been going pastpapers from CII and brand FT and revision mate and all been fine.
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