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Hello, I was wondering if anyone is using, or has experience of the Moneyinfo factfind proposition.
Do you have any feedback?

I have seen a demo and like the idea of having the control to amend the factfind ourselves at no additional cost.

It also means Moneyinfo can be used as the client's sole portal. By using the XPLAN factfind, it would need to be sent via the XPLAN client portal, which could lead to 'portal overload' for the client.

I don't like the fact that you can't print a paper-based version of the Moneyinfo one. The need to do this shouldn't occur much and shouldn't be encouraged but I think the option should be there.

Shame there is no integration between Moneyinfo and XPLAN. This isn't expected to be imminent either.

Thanks for any thoughts and feedback.


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    Hi, I have had some experience with this. It is definitely still in the early stages and they're evolving it every day. I think if they continue to develop this process it will be a really powerful tool.

    Positives so far:

    • It makes gathering info upfront ahead of meetings a lot easier and less onerous on the admin staff. - Clients have seemed to respond well to it so far.
    • There is a functionality for them to add notes in certain sections which is good for pre-review where they can add a note for something they may want to discuss with the adviser.
    • It's pretty slick if you can incorporate it with your review/pre-meeting process

    Points for development:

    • It would be good if we were notified any time a client goes in and edits any of their data (this is in development I believe)
    • No two-way integration, ideally the fact find would feed back to IO etc. (not getting my hopes up that this will ever happen)
    • Further development would be needed in some fields (some options and combinations in dropboxes are not correct) which I am sure they will improve in time.

    On your point about not being able to print a fact find - when you send the client a fact find to complete, they complete it, you then complete it once you're happy with it. This creates a pdf copy for you and the client which can be printed and saved down to their file.

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