Ongoing Adviser Fees

Morning All,

Hope you are having a great Thursday!

I'm reviewing our current service proposition. As a basic summary at present it is basically if the client is invested in a Multi Asset Fund we charge 0.50% ongoing which covers an annual review and any other meetings. We then do individual fund picking and charge 1.00% for this to take into consideration the extra work associated with rebalancing and fund research etc. The services offered to the client are the same as the 0.50% offering other than that.

We are reviewing whether to move away from individual fund picking and work with an investment house to provide this element of our proposition. It would be branded as us etc but improved comms etc.

Linking into Consumer Duty I watched an interesting article from 360 compliance which said to break down in more detail what the clients are getting for their money.

Taking the above into consideration could I ask if any of you are willing to share what your charging structure is and how you explain to clients what they are getting for these fees?

I look forward to your replies.

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