Any users of XPlan? Looking for opinions!

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Hi all

We're considering a move to Xplan, and was looking for some real life reviews for it? We're moving from AO, to give you an idea of what we're used to.

I wondered if there is anyone using it with Truth and Virtual Cabinet, and how well they play together, or previously used those and have found that Xplan has replaced them?

Ruth Baker


  • Also interested in this as we are doing the same. We also use VC (not sure if we need this with Xplan?) but if anyone has any insights in to the other integrations that would be useful - currently using Voyant/FE/Finametrica/Selectapension and probably a few others.

  • There are definitely integrations with Voyant and FE. Not sure about the others, although SaP was imminent in the summer.

  • It's been a while since I used it, but I would say Xplan can replace what you already have. The integrated cashflow modelling software (Xtools) is vastly superior to Truth IMO, and it has secure cloud based storage for all documents (presumably depending on the package you choose though). Xplan is certainly a massive step up from AO.

    I couldn't tell you about the integrations with Truth and VC unfortunately, as we used it as a one stop shop.

  • We moved from AO to XP last year. We were using VC with AO for storage of documents but never used any of VC ability.

    We ditched VC when moved to XP; struggle to see why it would be helpful or enhance what XP gives in respect of record storage, and we never used any VC functionality when we had AO.

    Have not had any issues with XP in searching for document records so far.

    Using Voyant (which does integrate with XP. Have had a demo in XP cash flow. There are some good elements to it but wasn't enough to persuade me to move; possibly because there didn't seem to be a real cost / benefit to having to learn a new cash flow system.
    This view may change if Voyant don't up their game in Adviser Go functionality compared to their desktop version which they are closing down if they don't improve / match the desk top functionality.

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