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Good evening,

I was hoping for some help in regard to the best system to use for Financial Planning.

We currently use the following:

PPOL - report writing
Morningstar / Defaqto - fund research
Cashcalc - Cashflows
Defaqto Engage - Product research
Select a Pension - Pension switches comparisons
IO - Back office system

We are in the process of perhaps changing things and were looking to find out what paraplanners on the forum prefer and would recommend.

Ideally what I am looking to do is to understand what systems you use for research of products/platforms/funds as well as what system you would use for report writing to ensure reports are compliant etc.

It would be great to have a standard report for the following:

New investments such as pension, gia, is a, onshore bond, offshore bond
Pension switches
Pension withdrawals (TFC and/or taxable income etc)
Protection (income protection, life cover etc)

Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences with different systems that you would be able to share?

Personally, I am used to Voyant for cashflows and SIFA for report templates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • I use Genovo for my reports, Selectapension for pension switch comparisons, and FE Analytics for fund research.

    I'm not that keen on defaqto as it is too easy to engineer the answer you want, and although I have access to a version of Morningstar, I haven't a clue as to how to use it!

    I don't have a back office system

  • Thank you Andy! Sounds like the exact system that I'd be looking to use!
  • We've just started to use ATEB for report writing after years of PPOL...

    We've found it cheaper and a bit more user friendly!

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