J09 - Document for adviser


I've failed Paraplanner Assignment 1 as I've been asked to 'Provide a document suitable for presentation to the financial
adviser assessing the appropriateness of current financial solutions and outlining the options available with relevant analysis' and I've not written my report in a suitable manner.

Does anyone know what 'a document suitable for presentation to the financial adviser' is? I don't think it's a suitability report as this is a different syllabus point ('provide a compliant document in the form of a Suitability Report appropriate for presentation to the client'. )

I've passed the other two assignments, just need this one and been stung for £140 odd quid! OUCH!

Many thanks for any help, owe ya one.


  • amylf3amylf3 Member

    Hi there!
    I'm currently doing J09 and I have this exact question.
    Did you ever get an answer to this?

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